International Association for Housing Science (IAHS)

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INTRODUCTION The topic of housing has been an important problem to mankind since the beginning of history. Today, all developing nations of the world are vitally concerned with housing technology and production. Research activities and publications are increasing and more scientific procedures are applied in this field. There is a definite need for a non-profit international body to lead and coordinate all the major activities, practical and academic, related to the topic of "housing as a human habitat. It is this strong need which gave birth to the International Association for Housing Science, IAHS, in St. Louis on April 24, 1972 during the Second International Symposium on Lower-Cost Housing Problems.

Prof. Oktay URAL


Housing Science Journal
Abstracts and full papers of Housing Science and Its Applications, Volume 40-02 is available


Conference in 2016
XXXXI. World Congress on Housing (September 13-16, 2016) in Algarve, Portugal.

Turkey Conference
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India Conference
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